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Klein 601-3 7/32-Inch Keystone Screwdriver, 3-Inch Shank
Klein 602-3 7/32-Inch Keystone Screwdriver, 3-Inch Shank
Klein 603-10 #2 Phillips Screwdriver 10'' Round Shank
Klein 605-10 1/4-Inch Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, 10-Inch Shank
Klein 603-6 #3 Phillips Screwdriver 6-Inch Round Shank
Klein 600-1 5/16-Inch Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 1-1/2-Inch
Klein 605-8 1/4-Inch Cabinet Screwdriver, Heavy Duty, 8-Inch
Klein 601-4 3/16-Inch Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 4-Inch
Klein 605-4 1/4-Inch Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 4-Inch Shank
Klein 607-3 Mini Screwdriver, 3/32-Inch Cabinet Tip, 3-Inch
Klein P12 #0 Phillips Pocket Clip Screwdriver
Klein 603-3 #1 Phillips Screwdriver, 3-Inch Round Shank
Klein 32500MAG 11-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver / Nut Driver
Klein 603-7 #2 Phillips Screwdriver 7-Inch Round Shank
Klein 85191 Conduit Fitting and Reaming Screwdriver

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